Forklift Training and Certification FAQ

forklift training
1. What is the definition of a powered industrial truck?
Any mobile power-propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier materials. Powered industrial trucks can be ridden or controlled by a walking operator. Earth moving and over the road haulage trucks are not included in the definition. Equipment that was designed to move earth but has been modified to accept forks are also not included.
2. What does the new standard require?
3. Does OSHA provide a list of topics to include in my training program?
4. Who should conduct the training?
5. If my employees receive training from an outside consultant, how will I know that these employees have been adequately trained?
6. My employees receive training from the union on the use of powered industrial trucks. Will I have to provide any additional training?
7. Will testing be required?
8. Does OSHA require the employer to issue licenses to employees who have received training?
9. What type of records or documentation must I keep?
10. How long must I keep the certification records?
11. If my employees receive training, but accidents still continue to occur, what should I do?
12. Is annual training required?
13. How often must refresher training be given?
14. Will OSHA provide training to my truck operators?
15. Will I have to train all employees in my workplace?
16. Will I have to ensure that my operator's are physically capable of driving a powered industry truck?
17. I have three different types of trucks in my workplace. Can I provide training on just one type of truck?
18. I only have powered hand trucks in my workplace. Do the training requirements cover the operators of this type of vehicle?
19. I employ drivers from a temporary agency. Who will provide them training, the temporary service or me?
20. Should my training include the use of operator restraint devices (e.g. seat belts)?
21. What does OSHA expect to achieve as a result of improved operators training?
22. Where can I get additional information about OSHA and new standards?
July   2024

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