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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 11:44

Forklift operator training

    OSHA requires that all persons who use any powered (battery or internal combustion engine) materials handling equipment must be certified before they use the equipment and recertified every 3 years after initial certification.

    So what happens if your company doesn’t recertify an employee?

    OSHA has been known to fine companies thousands for such violations. If an accident occurs with uncertified employees, the fees go up drastically. The internet is littered with such stories. Just look at the OSHA press release archives.

    The good news is that these fines are 100% preventable. By offering onsite forklift training, you’re guaranteed to be fully in compliance with OSHA standards.

    Plus, workers that have gone through a certification course are far less likely to have accidents on the job which will save your company time, money, and hassle in the future.